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Birthday invite card with portraits in cartoon style, These girls are really cute.


This fairy is a mascot of a Brazilian Event project. All made in CorelDraw12

This sketch was used in a fashion collection from 2007, the theme was “Japanese Lolitas”

This is one of my last fanarts. The character is the robot girl XJ9, also called “Jhenny”. The cartoon is “My life as a Teenage Robot” and has a really great history, different from all other! Her color isn’t glittery like this, but I tryied to give her a disco Ball pattern! She is a robot, she can change her skin as her wish!

Sketchs were freehand and final art and colors done in Corel12

PovoGato.com kitties

PovoGato.com.br kitties

These group of kitties where made for a friends website called “PovoGato” (something like “Cat People”)

I made some draws to help another friend selling t-shirts to help abandoned animals and she introduce me to the great project! So, i didn’t had money to help, but I could help with my illustrations and design! So I made a new logo and some “mascots” to be used at website’s layout! The site will be published soon here [link]

She has a abandoned cat shelter and do a really pretty work…

It’s difficult create in different “styles” of cats and dogs, but I think I’m doing well… I designed mascots to 4 diferent websites/animal shelters, and all are a little bit diferent, but of course, when you look you cans see they are made by the same person XD

Kari Kariyama as a Nendoroido Doll

I made my original character “Kari” as a Nendoroid figure [link]

handmade sketch and Photoshop final art and colors

MariMoon as Alice

`Speak roughly to your little boy,
And beat him when he sneezes:
He only does it to annoy,
Because he knows it teases.’

`Wow! wow! wow!’

This was a study made for my friend MariMoon

She is a “Alice in Wonderland” lover (so am I XD) and has a original Alice suit… I made a character inspired on “Junko Mizuno” style (that I love so soooo much too

In “Alice in Wonderland” at chapter VI “Pig and Pepper”, we have a baby pig dressed as a human baby ^^
see the original story here -> [link]

My original project was re-write “Alice in Wonderland” with a little bit suspense, horror and “cute-macabre” re-design of the characters… lot of people already did it, but my intension was use Marimoon and some real life facts… The project is in standy by, because I need her, but she is a very busy girl now ^^´

vintage cats brush in the background can be find here


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